Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Zero Waste Achieved

The meat gets eaten. The innards and bones go to the chickens and ultimately to compost. The poo goes in the garden. The hides will be used to make neat things (more on that later). But... there are still other parts unclaimed!  What, might you ask, do I do with the feet and heads that remain? (the tails are cat toys for our outdoor mouser when he gets bored)

I am proud to say I found a willing partner in Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center who accepted the heads (and now feet!) of my harvested rabbits. My kids and I took them a large cooler of what we have accumulated thus far and they were HAPPY for it! They take care of predators, among other animals, and at this moment they have a number of foxes for whom they are caring. These 'waste parts' are perfect for them.

So now I just have to clear a safe space and a chunk of time to start processing my hides, and I will truly have used every last bit of each of our rabbits. Zero waste! Yay!

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