Friday, September 2, 2011

Besides Rabbits, Other Topics!

I thought about calling this site "The Compassionate Carnivore", but I didn't want to limit us to just talking about meat-related stuff. We have more going on than that, and depending on responses and interests, we'd like to be able to discuss and share other topics, and hope you will weigh in on those topics too. There are some amazing people who I hope to have as guest writers for this blog.

We garden, and I'm very interested in urban gardening/farming in particular- learning to make the most use of our limited spaces, since most of us can't just up and move to the country, but desire some farm-life quality to our existence. Some topics that come to mind include:

Garden layout
Seasonal staggering of crops & rotating crops (why, and what works best together)
Potted gardens for driveways/balconies etc
Vermiculture (worms!) & soil care- amending and more
Community yard sharing
Neighborhood foraging (harvesting that neglected apple tree of your neighbors)
Native plant identification & harvesting (there are some amazing 'weeds' out there- amaranth, anyone?)
Gardening for animals (growing small plots of the plants we like to feed to our buns, for example)
Ecosystem overviews- how do we make our yards into healthy environments for sustainable living? Where do bees, bats, butterflies, and birds fit in?
Family affairs: how kids fit into the picture, both in learning the farming, and coming to terms with where meat comes from, etc.
What else? You tell me!

We also have chickens. I feel that there is more than enough information out there for chickens, so I won't post much on that, but others are welcome to share. I'll probably list some helpful links that you can help me expand. Also some great organic feeds. I'm always interested in problem solving and unusual practices and how they're working for you experimental folks.

What else would you like to see? I'm sure more topics will come up over time, but those are the ideas I have today.

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