Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Off topic? This is too cool.

I just have to share this fellow's work. Adam Katzman used to work in the solar industry, and now... I don't know what he does for income, but he builds really cool experiments in ecologically sustainable processes.

The one I'm admiring right now is the The Poop & Paddle  ....bare with me (I couldn't resist)

It's a floating outhouse that is also a contained water treatment system for the sewage he produces. The end result? No waste. None. How does he do it? Watch this Science Friday video to learn more about it!

I am disgusted by the amount of overflow waste he mentions that passes into our waterways, and am amazed by his very simple, natural system. And it reportedly doesn't smell.

Other projects I noticed upon quick perusal of his blog include a floating garden that makes use of trash in its design, the houseboat he made self-sustaining, and a rain-water collection system that results in food-grade quality drinking water.

I'd like to try to track Adam down for an interview. I found his extremely interesting blog, and will drop him a line. If I do, what questions do YOU have for him?

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